SEO Case Study: iGaming Site – 195% Increase in 2.5 Months

SEO Case Study

At the start of October 2021 we took on an SEO client in the iGaming (Football Betting Tips) niche who were keen to get more organic traffic into their site.

The main concern they had was to shift away from expensive paid traffic sources such as Paid Search and Social Media Ads by gaining a stronger foothold in their Organic rankings.

iGaming is one of the most competitive industries in which you can run an SEO campaign due to the sheer number of competitors high value of each client/customer.

We created an initial six-month SEO strategy that would focus on building on their existing rankings as well as putting them in front of new audiences through the creation of new content based on outcomes from our competitor audit. The site also needed a full Technical SEO makeover to make it fit for purpose for the competitive market it was operating in.

How Things Looked At The Start

Monthly Organic Traffic (Ahrefs) : 9,522

Organic Keywords (Ahrefs) : 2,305 (84 in positions #1-3)

Referring Domains (Ahrefs) : 6,224

As you can see the site had a decent start, had some initial traffic and backlinks so we knew that the site had potential in the right hands and we believed that it was possible to take this site to the next level.

What We Did

From the very start our focus was firmly on tidying up what already existed. As with most of our SEO clients – we always say that you can’t start to build until you have the foundations in place and this is exactly where we put our focus early in this project.

We ran a full Technical SEO audit that uncovered a lot of issues including things like incorrect canonical URLs, redirects, 404 pages, duplicate content and bloating in the index.

We were lucky that the client gave us free reign to go ahead and make the fixes that were needed to ensure the site had a solid foundation to build on.

Alongside this our backlink audit turned up a few URLs that we did not think were helping and could possibly have been hurting the site – so we reached out and got the majority of these removed from other sites.

Once the foundations were in place – we went in heavy on full content rewrites across the site to match search intent and make it more informative and authoritative in the niche.

We added around six new content hubs to the site to target keywords that competitors had been seeing strong traffic growth from and increased the frequency in which new content was added to the site.

Our competitor audit threw up some easy wins for strong backlinks so we jumped on those as well.

It is fair to say that in only two and a half months with the client we have covered a lot of ground and revamped their business massively from what we inherited when they joined us.

How Are Things Looking Now

So, here we are in mid December and only two and a half months into our time with this client and here are the results at the moment:

Monthly Organic Traffic (Ahrefs) : 28,074 (+ 195%)

Organic Keywords (Ahrefs) : 3,424 (+ 32%) (130 in positions #1-3 (+46))

Referring Domains (Ahrefs) : 2,052

Here we can see the early effects of our work so far. Nearly a 200% increase in organic traffic and 46 more keywords ranking in positions 1-3 on Google. This is a great achievement in such a short space of time. We have also seen a rise of 193 keywords making it onto page one of Google as well.

The trend lines are looking good for even more growth for this client over the next couple of months and we will be sure to provide a part two for this case study once we get closer to the six month mark.

We love working with new clients and taking on new projects, so if you have something you need help with – feel free to reach out to us for a quote.

SEO Case Study: iGaming Site – 195% Increase in 2.5 Months

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