A Hybrid Agency Was Born...

We are a Digital Agency with a difference! A hybrid agency where half of our clients are our own brands!

Exquisite was several years in the making – we had talked about doing it for a long time and in 2020 amidst a global pandemic, we decided the time was right to take the plunge and launch our own agency.

We are three experts in our own fields: Digital Marketing, Design & Development – and when we combine we can create truly awesome brands and exceptional results for our clients.

We may be a young business but we are full of experience and have seen pretty much everything there is to see! 

Our own brands allow us to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to best practice and marketing algorithm updates as we are able to test everything on there and when we crack the codes we can apply the winning strategies to our clients’ projects.

We are no longer three individual experts, we are a team and we are Exquisite!

Become our next project – get in touch with us today!

Our Mission


As a team that knows what it takes to grow and sell businesses, we know that the most important metrics to work towards are those that make a difference to the overall value of your business... Your results are our #1 goal.


Unlike many agencies we are a data-first business... We research, analyse and strategise before we make any changes to how your business currently operates. We can find the low-hanging fruit as well as the longer term opportunities that can transform your business.


We are not a copy and paste business. We won't simply employ the same tactics on your business that we use on others. We know that every business is unique and we treat them that way... Innovation is at the heart of our business both when creating our own new brands and when finding cool ways to market and grow yours.


To date we have never had an unhappy client and we intend to keep it that way... We work closely with all our clients to ensure we deliver on the metrics that are important to them and are transparent from day one. If we don't think we can grow your business we won't work with you! If we take on your project we will give everything to ensure it is a success.

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