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4 Benefits Of SEO For Your Business

We are sure that you know what Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is by now? But what are the major benefits of SEO for your business?

If you run a business online then you have likely been told a hundred times that you need to have a Search Engine Optimisation strategy and that ranking at the top of Google is the only way you can survive online.

Stronger Conversion Rates

When we examine many of our clients sites we often find that in the majority of cases Organic Traffic from search engines is the highest converting traffic on their site.

There is an element of trust in your business that is earned by being at the top of search engines and as many consumers perform several searches before they make a purchase there is a chance that they can see your business in the results more than once which will help to grow awareness of your brand.

This means that you can see a conversion rate improvement by having strong organic rankings, which can then be built on with a thought out Conversion Rate Optimisation strategy.

High ROI

Search Engine Optimisation has one of the best Returns On Investment (ROI) versus other online marketing strategies. This is due to the longer term benefits that a solid SEO strategy can provide.

If we compare SEO to say PPC (Paid Search) – the major benefit with SEO is that you do not have to pay-to-play over the long term.

With PPC if you turn off or pause your campaigns – your traffic will drop off instantly.

With SEO you build longer lasting traffic sources that can deliver value even if you are not actively investing in it month-to-month. (Once you have established your site online)

A Better Business Website

One of the major side benefits of SEO for your business is that you will end up with a well optimised, user-friendly and fast loading website that your customers will love.

This is because the process of optimising your website for Google is aligned with that of improving your website for your customers. Remember that Google wants to rank websites that serve the needs of their users that are searching for the best content. A fast and easy to use website will make ensure you rank higher and delight your customers.

More Customers

It is no secret by now that ranking at the top of Google and the major search engines will drive a lot more traffic at your website.

In any niche you will find that the businesses that have the best average position in search engine results pages will be the ones that drive the most traffic in the industry! And this dominance is only going to increase as more and more business is done over the Internet. Don’t let your business get left behind by not optimising for search engines.

These are just a few benefits that your business can gain from a well rounding SEO strategy.

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