We Are Exquisite!

A Fast-Growing Media Network

We are Exquisite.

We are a media group that reaches millions of people around the world every year.

With over 30 years combined experience in growing websites & brands online the team at Exquisite decided to work together to build a fast-growing and profitable website portfolio business.

Whether this creating new brands from the ground up or acquiring young businesses our aim is to develop, scale and monetise our portfolio.

We are currently building out our new brands and seeking acquisition opportunities.

Our Brands



Our flagship startup brand, Stranalytics aims to become your go-to platform for deeper analysis of your run as well as providing personalised training plans to help you smash your PBs or reach weight-loss goals. We expect to fully launch in H2 2020.

Running Gear Club


A sister-brand to our core Stranalytics platform, Running Gear Club helps runners to save money on their running gear by offering a price comparison and search function. We know running can be an expensive sport to the people who commit to it so we set out to help them reduce the cost of being a runner!

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A new brand being developed currently with the aim of becoming a go-to resource for consumers in the market for new headphones/earphones. Launched in Q2 2020 we expect the brand to be fully launched in H2 2020.

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A new brand currently in development by the team that expect to launch fully into the UK market in H2 2020. The aim of the website is to provide holiday inspiration and help consumers save money on their holidays.


Acquired by the group in July 2020 - FootyGuru365 is an online football data portal that helps people to analyse football matches around the world with a view to helping them with their betting and fantasy football selections. In H2 2020 we expect to rebuild the website and further expand its international reach.